Get Started

Creating Users

To create cards, it is necessary to first create a user. The Core API allows for the creation of users through a single POST request, which returns the end user's information and their Know Your Customer (KYC) status. Please note that the KYC review process takes one business day.
Upon approval of the user's KYC, their Quantum Account and cryptocurrency wallet will be automatically created.

Creating Cards

Funding accounts
The user will have access to two wallets, each with its own balance. One is the Quantum account wallet, which holds the balance in fiat currency, and the other is the Crypto wallet, which holds the balance in cryptocurrencies.
Users can deposit cryptos from their own wallets into the iPeakoin custody Crypto wallet, where the received cryptos will be automatically converted to fiat at the real-time market price. Each user has a unique funding address.
The balances in both wallets can be easily checked using the Balance API.

Manage Cards
Then, let's create a card. When using it, be sure to safeguard your card number, cardholder name, expiry date, and CVV. To make online purchases, provide the required card information to the merchant.
The user can recharge the card based on your account balance and actual usage needs. Additionally, the user has the freedom to freeze or activate the card whenever and wherever he/she needs to.